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Plan for Growth 2014-20

On 17 June 2014 we published our Plan for Growth 2014-20 brochure.  This gives a user-friendly summary of our Plan for Growth - Main Report, which was finalised in Spring 2014.  To view or download the brochure, click on the image below (PDF, approx 3.4 Mb):

October 2015 Update

For the North Kent B2B event on 15th October 2015 we produced a short update paper reporting progress on the economic objectives and priorities, including on key development sites featured in our Plan for Growth brochure.  To read or download a copy of this update, click here.

To read more detail about our strategy for economic growth and to see the evidence review underpinning key strands of our strategy, click on the relevant link below:

Plan for Growth 2014-20: Main Report (PDF, approx 573Kb)

Plan for Growth: Review of Evidence  (PDF, approx 3.3Mb)