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21st July 2020

Today, the Thames Estuary Growth Board, led by Government-appointed Envoy Kate Willard, is launching its Action Plan The Green Blue.  Setting out plans for the next two years, looking ahead over the next ten, The Green Blue is a key step for the Growth Board in fulfilling the potential of the region, comprising east London, north Kent, south Essex and the Thames itself. 

Thames Estuary Envoy, Kate Willard said:

“We now have a fully formed and exceptional private/public Growth Board, who are working to leverage significant amounts of private sector investment and make the Estuary the most compelling investment proposition in the world.  Working as one unified voice, we will deliver the greenest and most productive estuary in the world.”  

Setting out the Growth Board’s ambitions to transform the area, The Green Blue includes key plans to attract business and investors, boost connectivity to and in the area, bring clarity to the housing debate, regenerate infrastructure, and create jobs. The plan is called “The Green Blue” because it signifies good, green growth using the important, blue waterway of the Thames that connects the UK with the rest of the world. 

Welcoming the launch of the Action Plan, Minister for Regional Growth and Local Government, Simon Clarke MP said:

“I am so pleased to see the Thames Estuary Growth Board’s Green Blue Plan has been launched today. This plan will drive growth by prioritising jobs, better infrastructure for transport, investment and the expansion of housing.  It’s a plan committed to green growth and ensuring that this world-famous river acts as a gateway to economic growth, benefitting the local community through the creation of better roads and improved town centres.  The UK is open for business and the Thames Estuary Growth Board’s plan makes this clear.”

To see the press release in full, and to read or download The Green Blue, please visit the Thames Estuary’s new website: and follow on Twitter @EstuaryEnvoy.  

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